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The Eternal Fight Against Pimples for Beauty

The Eternal Fight Against Pimples for Beauty

One would think that after puberty it would be easy to be able to boot through life without pimples and happily. But surely many of you can sing a song about the fact that getting rid of the pimple is unfortunately not that easy, and that’s exactly what I belong to. For several years now, I have been looking for a miracle cure, or even better – simply snapping fingers against pimples, blemishes, large monster pores, blackheads and everything that goes with it and makes life difficult.

At the age of 30, you shouldn’t be covered with pimples anymore and actually a pure and beautiful skin has. But unfortunately, dear God puts a spanner in the works here, which does not prevent me from trying out different products in order to finally be able to live without pimples. For this, I bought both branded and drugstore products and finally even went to one or the other pharmacy.

Life with pimples is just not fun

Everyone wants beautiful skin! Equally great is the desire for an effective remedy for pimples. Unfortunately, just wishing is not enough to get pimple-free. Unfortunately, there is also no good fairy that helps you get rid of pimples. Because let’s be honest: these things are absolutely corrosive! They result from the clogging of skin pores, which can have several reasons.

The causes include sweat, dirt, increased sebum formation, and old skin cells. Pimples mostly develop during puberty and since we know that children and adolescents can be particularly common, it is a remedy for pimples and thus a beautiful skin, all the more desirable at that time. The increase in hormones ensures an increased production of sebum and the annoying and painful red inflammation centers develop.

But not only teenagers want to get rid of pimples, but also adults who are affected by this problem. The reasons for this can be varied, the main triggers are often stress, pregnancy, cosmetic products, poor hygiene or an unhealthy diet.

Is there a remedy for pimples?

Yes and no to pimple-free to be, several factors play a role. I recommend everyone who wants to get rid of their pimples to be outdoors a lot. A healthy and vitamin-rich diet, exercise, a smoke-free life and inner balance can also be small but effective factors to improve the complexion. However, hygiene is important for beautiful skin. Especially the ladies among us should remove their daytime make-up thoroughly in the evening and also regularly apply a facial peel in order to remove excess sebum, dirt and dander as thoroughly as possible.

Foundation, powder & Co. otherwise clog the pores and stimulate pimples again! Daily cleaning, preferably in the morning and evening, is extremely important for beautiful skin that should finally be free of spots! I like to use a washing gel for this and have had a very good experience with La Roche Posey Effaclar. The product line helps get rid of pimples but is designed for oily skin. However, it is also very suitable for combination skin without having a drying effect! The products are all soap-free, have an optimal pH value of 5.5 and contain no alcohols, dyes or parables.

The thermal water contained also has an anti-irritant effect and soothes the skin. The scent is pleasantly fresh but subtle. The zinc contained also has an antibacterial and sebum-reducing effect. My facial skin has improved significantly since using it.

It’s not a miracle cure and I won’t get a flawless complexion, but the foci of inflammation have been significantly contained. The clear and above all persistent reduction, therefore, speak for this product. I will probably never be pimple-free and never have skin as beautiful as Miranda Kerr, but at least I can say that it is a remedy for pimples that helps me and does what it says on the tin!

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